Custom GlobalScan Threshold Manager

 GitHub: uptimesoftware/custom-globalscan-threshold-manager
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Uptime Monitoring Station Version
Custom GlobalScan Threshold Manager 1.06.0
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Custom GlobalScan Threshold Manager 1.0

Information Table
Description: Provides a user interface to modify the default CPU, Mem, Disk Full and Disk I/O thresholds for the GlobalScan dashboard. These values are stored in the database and can be tuned on a per-system basis by modifying the database. This UI simplifies the process. Note that these thresholds are for display purposes only and will not generate alerts.
Supported Monitoring Stations:6.0
Supported Agents:None; no agent required
Installation Notes:

Included in PDF


MySQL database required

Input Variables:
    Output Variables:
      Languages Used:
      • PHP


      October 7, 2013 |


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