Network Interface Stats Monitor

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Version Compatibility
Module Name
Uptime Monitoring Station Version
Network Interface Stats Monitor 1.16.0
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Network Interface Stats Monitor 1.1

Information Table
Description: This monitor collects standard interface metrics from network devices such as switches and routers.
Supported Monitoring Stations:6.0
Supported Agents:None; no agent required
Installation Notes:

To install the plug-in: - extract the zip into the uptime base directory. - place the jar file into the “core” directory. - run the following command to import the XML monitor definition/template: > cd > scripts\erdcloader -x MonitorNetworkInterface.xml If the monitoring station is on Linux/Solaris, there is an extra step: edit the /uptime.lax file by adding the following text to the end of the long line that starts with “lax.class.path=”: :core/(JAR_FILE).jar To complete installation, restart the uptime Data Collector (Core) service.



Input Variables:
  • SNMP version
  • 32/64 bit SNMP counters
  • community string
  • {"SNMP port (default"=>"161)"}
  • v3 user name
  • v3 authentication type (MD5 / SHA)
  • v3 password
  • v3 privacy type (DES / AES)
  • {"interface list"=>"comma separated list of interfaces to retrieve (empty gets all)"}
  • Option to alert on down interfaces
Output Variables:
  • bytes in
  • bytes out
  • octets in
  • octets out
  • unicast packets in
  • unicast packets out
  • non-unicast packets in
  • non-unicast packets out
  • inbound errors
  • outbound errors
  • inbound discards
  • outbound discards
  • outbound queue length
  • interface status
Languages Used:
  • Java


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