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Version Compatibility
Module Name
Uptime Monitoring Station Version
Websphere Enhanced Monitor 1.07.2
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Websphere Enhanced Monitor 1.0

Information Table
Description: This monitor has the following features: * SSL-supported * Can monitor specified JVM (i.e. recognizes multiple JVMs, need to specify which to monitor) * Flexible design to allow for additional metrics to be added * Monitor WebSphere by gathering the following metrics: * CPU Usage * Heap Size * Used Memory * Active Thread Count * Committed Transaction * Rolled Back Transaction * Servlet Session Live * Average Connection Used Time * Connection Pool Size * Free Pool Size * Connection Pool Used * Average Wait Time * Closed Connection * Waiting Threads * Response time
Supported Monitoring Stations:7.2
Supported Agents:None; no agent required
Installation Notes:

Install using the Uptime Plugin Manager

  1. Extract “” in a temporary directory
  2. Place “MonitorWebSphere+Enhanced.xml” to
  3. On the command line, execute the following:


    scripts/erdcloader -x MonitorWebSphere+Enhanced.xml

  4. Copy the entire “EnhancedWebSphere” directory to the following location:

    \scripts\ i.e. You should have \scripts\EnhancedWebSphere\ and inside the directory, you will find the following files: ews-ms.bat ews-ms.php

Now that the monitor is installed, you can go to the Uptime UI and add a WebSphere Enhanced monitor.


PerfServlet needs to be deployed. Please consult WebSphere documentation on the procedure.

Input Variables:
  • n/a
Output Variables:
  • n/a
Languages Used:
  • PHP


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