Plug-in Manager for Uptime (deprecated)

 GitHub: uptimesoftware/plugin-manager-for-uptime
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Version Compatibility
Module Name
Uptime Monitoring Station Version
Plug-in Manager 1.27.2
Plug-in Manager 1.17.1
Plug-in Manager 1.07.0, 6.0
Download Files

Plug-in Manager 1.2 for Windows

Plug-in Manager 1.2 for POSIX

Plug-in Manager 1.1 for Windows

Plug-in Manager 1.1 for POSIX

Plug-in Manager 1.0 for Windows

Plug-in Manager 1.0 for POSIX


The Plugin Manager is only intended for use with Uptime 7.2 and earlier. As of Uptime 7.3 it’s been replaced by the Extension Manager

Plug-in monitors allow you to extend the Uptime platform to get the additional metrics you need to achieve full spectrum monitoring of your disparate environments. Plug-ins allow you to extend the capabilities of your Uptime monitoring station to provide additional functionality beyond core data collection. You can obtain, rate, request, and comment on plug-ins and modifications. With the Uptime Plug-in Manager, you can import a plug-in in only 3 clicks! It installs zip archives with "upk" extension which can be downloaded from The Grid. Just install the Plug-in Manager on the Uptime Monitoring Station server.

How-To Videos

Quick videos showing how to install and use the Uptime Plug-in Manager can be found below:

To submit your own plug-in to share with the uptime community, please email your plug-in with a description of its functionality and installation instructions to This site is monitored and moderated by the uptime team and supported by the uptime user community. We’re excited to have you participate and we look forward to featuring some of the great plug-in monitors and enhancements created by our clients.

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