Monitor MySQL Replication Status

 GitHub: uptimesoftware/monitor-mysql-replication-status
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Version Compatibility
Module Name
Uptime Monitoring Station Version
Monitor Mysql Replication Status v1.07.8
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Monitor Mysql Replication Status v1.0

Information Table

For monitoring MySQL replication. Plugin can only be installed on UIM monitoring station running on Linux OS. MySQL server to be monitored can be running on either Windows or Linux.

For monitoring UIM High Availability configurations. Plugin can only be installed on UIM monitoring station running on Linux OS. MySQL instances must also be running on Linux.

Supported Monitoring Stations:7.8
Supported Agents:None; no agent required
Installation Notes:

For Linux:

  1. Download the zip file and extract the files in to a temporary folder.
  2. Move the xml file to uptime_install_dir\xml directory.
  3. Move the monitor-mysql-replication-status folder in monitor-mysql-replication-status\files-posix\plugins\scripts to uptime_install_dir\plugins\scripts.
  4. Open up command prompt and cd to uptime_install_dir\scripts directory and run the following command: ./erdcloader -x “full path to the plugin xml file”
  5. Add and configure a service monitor based on the Mysql Replication Status plugin installation and test.


Input Variables:
  • Port
  • Username
  • Password
  • Database Name
  • Query
Output Variables:
  • Text to look for
Languages Used:
  • Shell/Batch
  • PHP
  • Java


Added to The Grid in 7.8.4 and fixed vulnerabilities for Linux monitoring station installation.
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